Bear Grease - Healing Salves! All Natural Ingredients! Bear Grease... "Oil/Fat" - Has a long interesting history in Native American culture. It has been firmly rooted in many traditions all around the world. Used in various applications from food preparation to salves, ointments and cosmetics.

Skin: Repairs dry, chapped, cracked skin. Relieves itch. Works on cracked hands and feet, bug bites, cold sores, cuts, diaper rash, reduce calluses, sunburns, swimmers itch and more! Pain: Relieves pain, reduces stiffness & swelling for Arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, Fibromyalgia, growing pains, headaches, leg & menstrual cramps, muscle stiffness, minor nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, shin splints, sore joints, tendinitis and pre- and post- exercising warm up and more. Psoriasis, Eczema: Relief of psoriasis, eczema skin conditions relieves skin irritation, itching, flaking and dryness. These powerful herbs and essential oils help control and aid in the healing of psoriasis and eczema. It helps fight inflammation, helps moisturize the skin and regenerates skin cells. The healing herbs help protect collagen from bacteria and viral enzymes by coating and soothing irritated psoriasis and eczema.

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"Psoriasis & Eczema"

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Pain Relief Spray!
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Bear Oil Lotions!
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Hemp Seed Oil Lotions!
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Custom Hand Drums! The drum is a powerful instrument: Throughout Turtle Island it is refer to as the heartbeat of Mother Earth... Drums play an important part in many tribal spiritual and sacred ceremonial practices. The beat of the drum has a sense of strength and solidarity, it creates a sense of social and spiritual harmony. Drums have their own living entity and through many songs and dances to the beats of the drum, you find a close spiritual relationship with the creator and a strong tie with the spirits of our forefathers. The spirits of the tree and animal that the drum was made from live within the drum and has the power to send messages both to the animal world and to the spirit world. These drums are extremely important and sacred, and there are many other uses including healing ceremonies, war preparation, courtship and to honor and help bring a good harvest.

Have a hand drum painted with your "Clan(s)" or Spirit Animal(s)
or what ever you like, i will try my best to make that happen!!

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Hand Drums For Sale!

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Scented Leather Roses! Medicine Wheel Colors!

Red Rose
"Smoked Strawberries"

Black Rose
"Tobacco Flower"

Yellow Rose

White Rose
"Blackberry & Sage"

Other Colors Available!
Purple Rose
"Lilac & Lilies"

Pink Rose
"Love Spell"

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Wax Melts! EcoSoya melts is made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. These are long lasting and smell wonderful without being overpowering. Soy melts work wonderfully in a bulb or tealight warmer and are incredibly easy to use. These soy wax melts are environmentally friendly, it is completely biodegradable and there are no harmful toxins that emit. They are a natural alternative to the other toxic wax blends and chemical fragrances. They are safe around your children, pets, and the environment.
All of the fragrance oils used are phthalate free.

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Vinyl Decals! Click on Image for your custom Orders!
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Toy Drums Shakers! Air Brushed!

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